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I’m looking forward to attending the Affiliate Networking Event on 29th July at the Imbibe Bar. Although organised via Affiliates4U, judging by the last one I was at, it will be a fairly informal affair, but with plenty of great opportunities for meeting up with old friends and new.

Most of the main networks are sponsoring the event including :
Affiliate Future
Affiliate Window
Commission Junction
Platorm A’s

This is what I find interesting about the Affiliate Marketing industry. All these companies are (near enough) direct competitors, and while there is of course competition for new merchants and affiliates, the atmosphere is friendly and almost collaborative.
How does it work that way ? I’m not entirely sure, but I think that the industry’s old reputation as the ‘poor relation’ to other more traditional digital marketing channels could actually be helping. As we all try to combat the old ‘grubby’ mantle together, a feeling emerges that all involved are working toward a common goal.

And why not ? The IAB recently predicted that the Affiliate Marketing sector will generate over £4 billion in sales this year.
Notice the £ (pound sterling) sign ? That’s the UK market ! All the signs are that the UK is leading the way in Affiliate Marketing, with more companies entering the UK and shifting their focus onto the UK market.

Good news for merchants who now seem to understand the benefit of the CPA model. Good news for the Affiliate Networks. Good news for Publishers. I work as an Affiliate Publisher too, and I have to say it’s an exciting time to be involved in this excellent industry.

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