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As you may know, I also publish a number of Affiliate Marketing websites too. The original intention was to ensure that I maintained up-to-date knowledge of the industry, as it requires a reasonable understanding of PPC and SEO too (and affiliate Marketing of course). This enables us to work closer with our clients on the online marketing jobs which we specialise in.
While I can build sites by hand in HTML I’ve found, like many others that the WordPress platform offers an excellent and highly customisable platform to work with.

Anyway, I’m in the process of populating my latest site with products, and it made it’s first sale yesterday (via Amazon). It’s always a huge sigh of relief when it works – knowing that you haven’t been wasting your time for the past week!
It’s always interesting with Amazon too – seeing how many other associates sales you make alongside the original purchase. It really does convert very well, and those added bonuses make it really worthwhile.

Written by dgoodchild on November 12th, 2009

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