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The World Cup is almost upon us and the nerves are starting to jangle already. We all know that England’s chances are slim but we can dream a while until penalties start. It should be interesting to see how the country reacts to our successes and failures. The press will obviously idolise the team when things go well, and slaughter them when they don’t, but I guess we should be used to that by now. The best bet is probably to ignore the papers and just enjoy the games

There’s little chance you’ll get hold of us on Wednesday 23rd at 3pm (England v Slovenia), but you can try.

I’ve also found a useful Outlook .ics file containing all the matches, which can be imported directly into your Outlook calendar. I can’t make any warranty with regards the accuracy or even that it won’t make your machine explode, but everything seems good so far.

Right click here and save the file to your pc. Open Outlook (works in 2003 for me). Click File > Import and Export > Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file. Click Next and locate the saved file. Click OK – job done!

Good luck England!

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