Nadeem Azam
Azam Marketing

“Goodchild Smith Ltd. is the complete opposite of most recruitment agencies. I find many of the others to be focused on one thing and one thing only: making fat commissions for themselves. They are full of empty words and salesy: they keep forwarding us unsuitable candidates despite us using sending them job specifications that take hours to script, and it is an industry which seems to specialise in telephone spamming – I must have received at least 500 cold-calls from recruiters in the last three or four years.

However, Daniel Goodchild comes from a different planet to the others. He is honest, respectful, non-pushy, and genuinely charming. Daniel spends considerable time on industry forums and attending industry events, to really get to understand the fast-evolving landscape.

Daniel is, without a shadow of doubt, the best recruitment agent I have ever come across and always the number one port of call when Azam Marketing is looking for staff”

Alex Wares
Media Run Search

“Worked with Daniel on a couple of vacancies. Unlike the majority of recruitment consultants that come our way Daniel provides a good, competitive service and seems to have integrity”

Shahid Awan

“I have worked with Daniel on a number of ocassions when recruiting for SEO and can gladly say Daniel always manages to source good SEO candidates. So far I have recruited 2 SEO executives from Goodchild Smith.”

Ryan Notz

“Despite my reluctance to use a recruiter for this position, Daniel won me over by proving himself to be one of the best in his industry. He took the time to understand what I needed, even as the requirements were evolving. Moreover, he was flexible enough to graciously work with me and all the demands I placed on him. A true professional and highly recommended.”

Petro Bolah

“As well as being a true professional, Daniel is also a very easy chap to get along with. On top of that he delivered the goods when I needed it!”

Nick Casey

“My past relationships with recruiters have for the most part been reluctant to say the least, that is until meeting Daniel. Daniel continues to impress me and improve my opinion of the recruitment industry by continually sending me high calibre, well selected candidates. His commitment and thoroughness make him a true professionalism and I highly recommend him.”